The Giving Time

In an era of fast travel, digital shopping, and consumerism, wedding and anniversary gifts can start to feel like a burden instead of a joy. What to give? Which years are more important? Why do we bother with it anyway? If you’re strapped for ideas, but still want to make a meaningful impression on a loved one’s life, it’s time to consider a visit to the Tick Tock Shop.

The tradition of communal presents for weddings actually stems from the Roman Empire, though the tradition of married partners presenting gifts to each other is maybe as old as the institution of marriage itself. Throughout the Middle Ages, different cultures started assigning different gifts or types of gifts to years and decades of anniversaries. These usually had some kind of metaphorical significance, and traditionally, the longer a couple was married, the more valuable the gift. These days we tend to see gifts of gold and diamonds at the very start of a marriage, but traditionally, the first-year anniversary gift in America wasn’t a ring or necklace. It was a clock.

We may be biased, but to us, this gift makes a whole lot of sense. A clock symbolizes long-term investment: a new couple just married for a year is looking to put down roots, create a home, and find the time to make a family of their own. It’s also a reminder that time is a precious gift that every person—and every couple—must use wisely. Clocks mark the days and remind us to keep track of our important moments, together and apart.

On the part of the gifter, choosing a timepiece is an act of love and support, and it shows thoughtfulness and tasteful celebration. A clock is always a useful gift, and a clock can be appropriate for friends of any age or culture, whether they live in a house or a tiny apartment. Even better, a watch is a traditional gift for the 15th wedding anniversary if you missed the chance to give them a clock the first year! We think good arguments can be made for a time-keeping present in the thirteen years in between, and probably for the thirteen years after!

At the end of the day, the gift of time is both valuable and necessary, no matter what form you choose to give it in. Why not take the literal approach this year, and come down to the Tick Tock Shop, where our staff can help you choose the most thoughtful and space-appropriate timepiece for the next wedding, graduation, or anniversary gift that you need? This is the gift that never goes out of style.

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