Geochron Clock Repair

Service & Support

Restorations for Mechanical Geochrons

About 70% of the work we do in our shop is restoring old Geochron’s. To their original beauty and operation. Actually, we make them better! Your Geochron will be returned in like-new condition, completely disassembled and restored with new motors, maps, and gears. Each restored clock takes 20-25 hours of work.

The Machinery

All restorations will include the new Dura Drive technology.   The Dura Drive uses modern technology, less power, and effectively doubles the life expectancy of our clock.  Read more about Dura Drive here A restoration is a full reconstruction, improving the clock to:
  • photographic quality mapset on flexible Kodak Dura Clear substrate.
  • Replacing all transparent plastics and sun shades.
  • Front panel restoration: new tempered glass, trim, and brackets.
  • Replacing the drive train and all gearing to the sturdy Dura Drive system.
  • A three year manufacturer’s warranty on drive train, and one year warranty on all else. We will cover shipping costs up to 90 days after the restoration. Warranty returns after 90 days do not include shipping the clock.

Display Upgrade Options

LED Lighting System

All new Geochrons use an LED Lighting System, and we can upgrade your Geochron to the LED Lighting System.  We don’t need the whole clock – just the lighting tracks.  Details on the LED Lighting System can be found here.

Sunlit Analemma

Instead of a shadow representing the sun’s position on the analemma, restored clocks can be upgraded with a Sunlit LED Analemma, which turns the sun into a bright yellow jewel in the center of the map.  Details on the Sunlit LED Analemma can be found here.

Dimmable LED Lighting System with Remote Control

Set the brightness of the clock to your preference, not just on or off.  

Restoring Legacy Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Converting to Electronic Ballasts

All restoration and new clocks are built around LED lights, but if still want fluorescent in a legacy clock, they need to be updated to magnetic ballasts.  On July 2010, the Geochron (North American units) light fixtures were upgraded from magnetic to electronic ballasts. The benefits from this change are:

  • longer lasting ballasts
  • use less power

The entire light fixtures for instance can be upgraded by just sending in the fixtures themselves. The process costs $90.00. All shipping costs are based on the distance from the factory and the method of shipping.