The newest watch from Citizen is the Satellite Wave-Air. According to the company web site, “True to its name, Satellite Wave-Air with Eco-Drive technology features light-weight titanium, groundbreaking construction and design with a three-layered dial inspired by jet engines. Information gathered from satellite signals offers accurate time anywhere on earth. Titanium paired with bright green accents offer a cool look.”

Unlike other atomic watches, the Wave-Air picks up its time correction signal from the network of GPS satellites orbiting earth. At the touch of a button under a clear view of the sky, the watch searches for a GPS signal to synchronize its timekeeping in a matter of several seconds. Unlike the Seiko Astron, the Wave-Air does not automatically set itself to local time. The wearer must set the time zone, but this is easily accomplished. Pulling the crown out one click enters the time zone setting mode, and the sweep second hand points to the currently selected time zone. A twist of the crown moves the time zone backward or forward to your choice of 26 time zones. After pushing the crown back in, the sweep second hand quickly advances back to the correct second.

The watch is a bit thick to accommodate the necessary electronics and antenna, but is surprisingly light due to its titanium case and bracelet. The sapphire crystal is double coated to reduce glare somewhat. At a MSRP of $2500 it is not a casual purchase, but it stands on the cutting edge of watch technology. Stop by and try it on!

2019 Moon Cycle

January 21 Full Wolf Moon/Lunar Eclipse
February 4 New Moon
February 19 Full Snow Moon
March 6 New Moon
March 20 Full Worm Moon
April 5 New Moon
April 19 Full Pink Moon
May 4 New Moon
May 18 Full Flower Moon
June 3 New Moon
June 17 Full Strawberry Moon
July 2 New Moon
July 16 Full Buck Moon
July 31 New Moon
August 15 Full Sturgeon Moon
August 30 New Moon
September 13 Full Harvest Moon
September 28 New Moon
October 13 Full Hunter's Moon
October 27 New Moon
November 12 Full Beaver Moon
November 26 New Moon
December 11 Full Cold Moon
December 25 New Moon

Important Dates and Info

HOURS: M-F 9:00-5:30
Sat 9:00-3:00
Sun Closed

Monday, May 27 CLOSED Memorial Day
Thursday, July 4 CLOSED Independence Day
Monday, September 2 CLOSED Labor Day

Father's Day 2019